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1 National Medical Library world’s largest medical library, includes Medline and Pubmed.
2 Neurosurgical Atlas a must for every neurosurgical trainee
3 WFNS website of the World federation of Neurosurgeons
4 CNS website of the Congress of Neurological surgeons.
5 AASNS website of the Asian Australasian Neurosurgeons.
6 NSI website of the Neurological society of India.
7 NBRC website of the National Brain Research Centre of India
8 Clinical evidence for evidence based medicine.
9 Neurological Examination Clinical examination guide to young neurosurgeons
10 Young Neurosurgeons for selected programs and offerings of special interest to young neurosurgeons
11 Cochrane Reviews for systematic reviews & evidence based health care
12 Guide to Brain and Mind for a collection of links to explore brain and mind
13 Indmedica for an Indian medical portal.
14 MedInd for information needs of Indian medical community
15 Doctor’s guide for comprehensive source for peer-reviewed literature, case studies, webcasts and more.
16 Neurovideos for You tube neuro videos
17 Clinical trials for recent clinical trials.
18 Brain-life for a comprehensive brain tumor database
19 Spine Universe spinal disorders and surgical videos.
20 Neurogate for a quick neurosurgical search
21 Netsurgery audio/video web-casts
22 NINDS for biomedical research on disorders of the CNS
23 Medical News for the latest medical news
24 TTMeD for timely topics in Medicine.
25 Networked for a quality blog
26 World Press for an interesting blog
27 Medscape for a useful blog
28 MD linx for latest articles.
29 Merckmedicus web resources, & e-tools for the patients and the physicians.
31 Medical Student for a digital library for medical students & patients