Dr.Achanta Lakshmipathi Neurosurgical Center

A Post Graduate Institute of VHS Multispeciality Hospital,
Rajiv Gandhi Saalai,Chennai - 6000113,India




Prof. B. Ramamurthi was blessed with the opportunity of founding two departments, one after the other, each completing more than 25 years of fruitful service to the needy humanity. The Madras Institute of Neurology at the Madras Medical college and Dr. Achanta Lakshmipathi Neurosurgical center at Voluntary Health Services in Chennai, are both his creations. He had an impressive academic record and became internationally renowned in his lifetime. Great teachers don’t teach, they inspire he did. This site is dedicated to him.

I have built a monument more lasting than bronze, higher than the Pyramids’ regal structures. I shall never completely die!
– Horace (Roman poet, 23 B.C)


B. Ramamurthi

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Dr. A. LAKSHMIPATHI NEUROSURGICAL CENTRE has grown in the last 41 years to be one of the finest in the country, setting standards for other departments. It has become a tertiary referral centre, for complex cranial and spinal cases.

The department has a 20-bedded general ward with separate male and female wards and two intensive care units with monitors and ventilators. In addition, our special wards have been renovated lately

At the VHS, 2 dedicated operation theatres function five days a week, and are open 24 hours for emergencies with in house CT scan facilities. Trained theater staff, complete sets of microsurgical instruments, 2 Zeiss microscopes, endoscopes, CUSA and stereotaxy have made excellent modern neurosurgery possible.

The basic concept of the department is that no patient is to be turned away because of financial consideration. This allows us to treat a great variety of patients from different strata of society. All welfare schemes, including CM fund, are accepted. Patients, who cannot afford are supported by our well wishers.

‘ To reach the unreachable star
This is my quest To follow the star’

Man of La Mancha


Neurosurgeon…one who cannot afford a mistake


Treating a huge number, of neurosurgical patients, that were managed both conservatively and surgically is the main achievement of this institution. The creation of a distinct Indian school of Neurosurgery has been its hallmark. Multi-author textbooks published by the Department are the main source of educational material for neurosurgery postgraduates.


The Department has benefited all sections of the society by providing free neurosurgical service and care to the poor, subsidised for the middle income groups, and appropriately charged neurosurgical service for the higher income groups.

Providing an educational opportunity to

  • 1. Neurosurgical postgraduates
  • 2. General surgery postgraduates
  • 3. Neuro-anaesthesia training
  • 4. MS neuroscience students
  • 5. B.Sc., M.Sc. Nursing students